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Christening Gown
Hi Everyone!

Boy has it been a long time.  I've been so busy with by job, carpel tunnel surgery, my son graduating from high school and getting his Eagle Scout Rank, it's been crazy.  I have made quite a few things over the past year(s) since I've visited here but my most recent project that I am especially proud of it the Christening Gown that I've made for my Great-Niece of my brother's youngest, Jen.  Maria Rio Perea was Christened on Christmas Day which made it even more special.

The pattern is from Annie's Attic #876524E called Baby Christening Sets.  I used Aunt Lydia's crochet #10 cotton thread to make it.

[Image: Gown_Front.jpg]
[Image: Gown_Back.jpg]

[Image: Hat_and_Booties.jpg]

[Image: Hat.jpg]

[Image: Perea_Family.jpg]
Doreen, North Wales, PA<br /><br />
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