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AGAIN! Peachy Knit Shawl
I bet all y'all think I do nothing but knit shawls. Actually I try real hard to knit one, crochet one, knit one......Big Grin So here is the latest knit (since the last one was crocheted and in the Showcase).

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...By and By...I'll Fly Away
Wow!!! That's beautiful..what kind of yarn? That looks like it took you a good while to complete!
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Thanks, Bende! It did take a while to complete --- but only because it was so b-o-r-i-n-g that I had to keep putting it down and work on other projects. Such a "no brainer" simple garter stitch pattern...was no challenge and could not hold my interest. I knew I would like the end result, though, so I was determined to finish it. I used Bernat "Saluki" --- a #3 / DK weight of acrylic and nylon blend. # 9 needles. Approx.975 yards of yarn. Steam blocked to enhance the softness and drape. It is a "substantial" shawl for wrapping around. A bit large for my small frame and narrow shoulders but hubby says he likes it on me.
...By and By...I'll Fly Away
Marjorie Big Grin
Smile Thank you!
...By and By...I'll Fly Away

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