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Hello from Massachusetts
Big Grin 
Hi to all,

Looks like you are a nice and helpful bunch. I hope to give and receive help when I can.

Most of my projects are afghans. I'm 68 and learned how to knit when I was about 10. Then the fun began when I decided to try crocheting. Back then there were no tutorials to teach lefties, so I kind of taught myself. Now we have the luxury of the internet with videos. What a great thing that is! I can figure out most right handed crochet patterns though. Crochet is my passion. I rarely knit any more.

Thanks for reading,
Laraine Shy
HI, Laraine! Welcome! A leftie? I am trying to teach a teen girl at Church how to crochet and she is a leftie,too. Yikes! She is doing better than I am ---learning right handed while I learn left handed. We figured that both of us SHOULD be able to crochet right or left handed. LOL I am a knitter also but have spent many more years with the hooks than the needles. Please visit often and show off some of your projects in the showcase.
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Hi Carol Ann. Thank you for posting! My grand daughter wants me to teach her, but I just can't seem to show her how as she is right handed. I get all confused and I don't want to confuse her! That would be cool if you could do both.

Did you know that most of the left handed videos for crochet are just flipped so it looks like they are using their left hand? Pretty clever.

I'm working on a rainbow afghan at the moment. It is with stylecraft dk yarn, which I love. I'm slow but plugging a long. Love the colors! I'll try to post a pic soon. Smile
Welcome Laraine! Where in MA are you? I grew up in MA. Hope to see you here often and hope to see some pictures as well!
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Hi Bende. I am from Lynn, MA, just short of the Saugus line. Thank you for the welcome Smile

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